How does WellView differ from morning reporting software?

Morning Reporting vs. Well Information
WellView was designed as a well information system to capture data in the field and office. It can produce an unlimited variety of reports, including your morning report. WellView's database is not a compromise of data model vs. old "paper reports" like other legacy morning reporting software. The most popular legacy software was designed in the 1980's when the requirements were driven by the need to just get the reports into the PC. This requirement drove the relational database design, and it limited the longer-term use of the data. By contrast, WellView's data model is designed for effective use in a larger context than any legacy morning reporting software on the market. WellView captures the data in a concise and organized way, thus delivering the benefits of both customized operational reports and long-term data quality analysis.

Wellbore Schematics
WellView's wellbore diagrams are interactive and seamlessly integrate into the system to provide the most powerful data review known - a picture. As well, the schematic is an invaluable tool for data QA by both field and office staff.

WellView can be easily adapted to fit your organization's requirements. WellView's three tier meta-data architecture is state-of-the-art and enables powerful user interface and report customizations without expensive consulting or programming.

WellView is simple and cost effective to administer. Small operations need only to install and run. Large companies can customize and integrate WellView as required. WellView uses the latest security and database systems.

Data Integrity
WellView's Data Auditor allows you to apply rules on fields in your well database to check for missing or incorrect data. You can apply the data audit rules on a group of wells or on a single well as you are editing.